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Wine × Fashion : The desire to give

Mottainai Wine Gift 

premium wine gift set

France is the land of wine and fashion. Both wine and fashion are being studied here on a daily basis. It was when I moved to France and encountered stylish high quality wines that I really saw the fruit of their efforts

The bottle design was so unique and luxurious that when I first saw it, I thought it was a Cuban cigar. 5 different wines, each in a tube of wine, were packaged in a jet-black case.

Mottainai meaning : a sense of regret over the waste

I have never seen such a sophisticated wine gift in Japan, and I felt it was too good to be left unknown around the world. This is a one-of-a-kind wine gift box that originated in France.

This product is worthy of Global Ichiba's motto, “spreading the world's appreciation of these exceptional products, which deserve more recognition.”

The desire to give

wine gift desire to give - 与えたい気持ち

Victor Hugo, the great French writer, said

"The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves.”

People are creatures who feel pleasure from loving. Throughout the ages and in all cultures, giving something has always been regarded as the best expression of affection. During the Samurai era, even the most powerful and respected of men were said to have proposed to their waka poets.

「君がため 惜しからざりし 命さへ 長くもがなと 思ひけるかな」-藤原義孝*

* I would not regret my life for you, however, now we are together, I desire my life to last longer. - Fujiwara no Yoshitaka

Secrets of Popularity

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In France, this wine can be found in some wine bars, hotels or simply as a wine gift, often used for anniversaries and wedding celebrations, while it is also popular as a corporate gift, that is, a gift within the workplace or between companies. In Japan, a salesman in Osaka offered this gift to the president of a company, and he was very pleased with it. The secret of its popularity is explained below.

1. Precisely Calculated Size

The handy size of the box weighs only 1 kg. It really does not get in the way when offered as a gift.

Each wine bottle is 100 ml, the equivalent to one glass of wine. It is designed to be consumed by even a novice wine drinker. This "one glass of wine per bottle" design makes it a special glass of wine for a loved one.

2. Carefully Selected By A Sommelier

A sommelier carefully selects wines that are most talked about, such as the highest grade of wine called "Grand Cru" and organic wines. This is why especially if you are not a wine expert, you can confidently present this wine set to wine lovers who will be able to appreciate the great quality .

3. Insta-worthy!

Its elegant packaging attracts even those who do not usually drink wine. It is not only used as a gift for anniversaries and weddings, but also for personal use.

4. Limited Edition Model

Since this model is limited to France, it is difficult to obtain outside of France. In addition, you will never get tired of the taste as it changes all the time with the season.

5. Reuse of Bottles

In France, SDGs initiatives are also prevalent in ordinary households, and wine bottles are reused. After being cleaned and washed, they are used to hold other drinks, seasonings, or beads.

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