Winenot? - Wine with Glass Tube

Winenot? - Wine with Glass Tube


winenot? wine gift set at a nature hill

Winenot? is a new brand offering wines in one-glass tubes. It is based on three pillars: exquisite selection, sharing of precious moments and experiences, and a new wine tasting.

The brand name Winenot? means "not a conventional wine" and " Why not a glass of wine for a special moment?

In other words, by sharing unprecedented wine tasting experiences with your loved ones, we aim to satisfy the need for "something more than just good taste" and to leave a happy memory in each other's lives.

In addition, by making the wine-tasting bottles 100ml in size, we enable gifting wine without hesitation to those who have never tried it before. This fosters the joy of discovering favorite wines together. This will contribute to the expansion of the wine market and bring a breath of fresh air to the wine industry.

Currently, the primary market is Japan, with over 30 wines available and a goal to have over 100 wines available within two years.

Perfect as a Gift

winenot? on the table at the partk

Winenot? employs a rigorous selection process, choosing only the finest wines. The wines are shipped directly from the winery to the bottling factory, where they are bottled in a complete nitrogen atmosphere. This ensures that the wine is never exposed to air during the bottling process. The glass tube caps are Stelvin Original™, used around the world to ensure that the wines taste just as good as they do in the winery.

This top quality and selection allow you to confidently present our wines to wine lovers, even if they don't know much about wine themselves.

While many people in Japan might not know as much about wine as in European countries, they still associate wine with luxury, which makes it an easy choice as a gift. This is where the problem of "not knowing which wine is good" comes in.

Winenot? offers a solution to this problem, allowing anyone to choose a wine gift without any hesitation. It is ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, congratulatory events, corporate gifts, Christmas, Valentine's Day, White Day, Father's Day, etc.

Not Just a Gift, but Also for Yourself

winenot? 100ml glass tube wine gift set

Winenot? stands out by offering several bottles of different flavored wines in 100 ml sizes. The set includes an original wine card with details about the wine and the winery's history.

After understanding the producer's story and the feelings behind the wine, you can choose your favorite wine according to your mood, for example, "Today, my boyfriend would like this red wine, but I would like this white wine.”

By sharing wine tastings, couples will not only gain insight into wine, but also deepen their relationship.

Available on Amazon


Winenot? is now on sale on Amazon. If you prefer to purchase from Amazon store rather than our online store "Global Ichiba", please purchase from Amazon.

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