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  1. ソムリエ厳選の本格ワイン。
  2. 二人分のワインテイスティング。
  3. ワインの知識を深めるワインカード。
  • 極上のセレクション


  • 大切なひと時の共有


  • 新しいテイスティング



Is there an expiration date for wine?

No, there is not. Please store in a cool, dark place, avoiding high temperature and humidity.

How long does the quality of wine in a wine tube last?

Quality testing of wine bottled in tubes five years ago did not identify any problems.

Are all wines authentic?

Yes, we have received official approval from the winemaker and deal directly with them. All wines are shipped directly from the winery to the bottling factory.

How are selections made?

Our wines are rigorously selected by professionals from among the rarest and most exclusive wines in the world. We keep only the wines that are most recognized by experts and most appreciated by amateurs.

What are the benefits of wine tubes?

It allows you to taste a small selection of diverse, high-grade wines and avoid buying many expensive, heavy full bottles. You can compare wines at a reasonable price, and deepen your wine education through the wine card and tasting experience.

Where is your delivery area?

By default, Asian countries are covered. If you wish to ship outside of Asia, please contact us via email.

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