Valentaines day wine gift 2024

Valentine's Day 2024! Wine special that is to please!

On Valentine's Day 2024, we present a special feature on wines that will delight your recipient. In this special issue, we have carefully selected a lineup of wines that meet the interests of our readers. We offer a variety of tastes, including red wines that pair perfectly with chocolate, white wines with gorgeous aromas, and popular sparkling wines.

The following contents are explained in the special feature.

  • Recommended wines for Valentine's Day
  • Red wines that pair perfectly with chocolate
  • White wines with gorgeous aroma
  • Popular sparkling wines for a special evening
  • Surprise with a mini bottle of Valentine's wine

Also included is a beginner's guide to Valentine's wine. We hope this feature article will help you choose the right wine for Valentine's Day 2024.

Table of Contents

Special Feature on Wines for Valentine's Day

Valentines wine selection 2024

In our special feature on wines for Valentine's Day, we have carefully selected delicious wines that will be appreciated as gifts, and suggest the best gifts for lovers and friends. We have divided the wines into three categories: red wine, white wine, and sparkling wine from France, Italy, and Spain, the world's three major wine-growing regions, and introduced the charms of each.

Red Wine from France

Pomerol: Located on the right bank of the Bordeaux region, Pomerol is a Merlot-dominated blend. It had a rich, smooth mouthfeel, intense fruit flavors, and soft tannins. It is specially good with chocolate desserts and red meat dishes.

Châteauneuf-du-Pape: Located in the southern Rhone region, Châteauneuf-du-Pape is a Grenache-dominated blend. It is characterize by powerful, rich flavors, spice nuances, and firm tannins. It paired well with chocolate and rich foods.

Wine is like a woman: the older she gets, the more beautiful she becomes.
- French proverb

Italian White Wines

Pinot Grigio: characterized by a light, fruity taste, it pairs well with light meals and seafood on Valentine's Day. It is produce in Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Trentino-Alto Adige.

Sauvignon Blanc: This wine offers fresh, crisp acidity and fruity aromas. High quality wines are produced especially in Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Tuscany.

Wine is a love affair, made even more delicious by sharing.
- Italian proverb

Spanish Sparling Wine

Cava: Cava is a sparkling wine produce in the Catalonia region of Spain using a method similar to that of Champagne. Is made primarily from a blend of Macabeo, Parellada, and Chardonnay, and is characterized by its refreshing bubbles and fruity flavor. Is popular for Valentine's Day dinners and parties.

Cristal: Cristal is a premium sparkling wine produce in the Catalonia region of Spain. Is made using high-quality Champagne methods and is characterized by it's delicate bubbles and refine taste. Is luxurious choice for special Valentine's evening.

Beer is the drink, wine is the food.
- Spanish proverb

Red wine is the perfect partner for chocolate

Red wines and Chocolates

Here are some red wines that are perfect for Valentine's Day. They pair exquisitely with chocolate and make the perfect gift for lovers and friends. We have carefully selected red wines from around the world, including Bordeaux from France and Valpolicella from Italy. Characterize by rich fruit flavors and moderate tannins, they are well balance with the sweetness of chocolate. Give a gorgeous red wine as a thoughtful gift to your loved one.

Saint-Émilion: Located on the right bank of the Bordeaux region, Saint-Emilion produces mainly Merlot red wines. Is characterize by its intense fruitiness and smooth tannins, and is recommend to paired with rich dark chocolate.

Amarone della Valpolicella: Amarone della Valpolicella is a high quality red wine produce in the Valpolicella region. It had rich, fruity and spicy nuances that make it a good match for a variety of chocolates. We especially recommend paring it with chocolate cake.

The Prisoner Wine Company: The Prisoner Wine Company is a well-known California winery whose red wines are rich, full-bodied and smooth. Their reds such as "Thee Prisoner" and "Saldo" are especially good with rich chocolate.

Whit wine with gorgeous aroma

We have carefully selected white wines with gorgeous aromas for Valentine's Day. We introduce white wines from around the world, including Chardonnay from France and Riesling from Germany. White wines are prefer for their aromas rich in fruit and floral nuances, bright acidity, and for their ability to pair well with food during dinner. Find the right white wine for Valentine's Day and enjoy it as a gift for your loved one.

Meursault: Made from Chardonnay grape, this white wine is characterizes by its rich fruitiness. Flavors of white fruits like pear and apple are often presents.

Domaine Wilhelm Platz (Weingut Dr. Loosen): A well-known winery with long history in the Mosel region, especially appreciate for its Rieslings from the Bernkastel Docteur district. Is characterize by an elegant taste with a good balance of acidity, fruit and minerality. It's complexity increase with aging and can be enjoyed over a long period of time.

Muscato: Chile produces a sweet, fruity Muscato. It is characterized by floral aromas and sweet fruit flavors, and pairs well with chocolate.

Popular sparkling wine for a special evening

Here are some popular sparkling wines to make your Valentine's Day a special evening. We have carefully selected sparkling wines with beautiful bubbles from around the world, including French champagne and Italian prosecco. With their gorgeous bubbles and refreshing taste, they are perfect for dinner or a party. Enjoy a memorable Valentine's Day.

Prestige Cuvée: Prestige Cuvée is one of the most exclusive champagnes made from the highest quality grapes.

Prestige Cuvée from famous champagne houses is the perfect gift to delight your partner on this special Valentine's night.

Prosecco Rosé: Recently introduced, Prosecco Rosé is a great choice for those who want to enjoy a pink Champagne for a special Valentine's Day occasion. It has a fruity, refreshing flavor that creates a romantic atmosphere.

Method Traditionnel Sparkling from the Marlborough region: In the Marlborough region of New Zealand, sparkling wine is produced using the same method traditionnel as Champagne. The Brut and Brut Naturale style sparkling wines in particular are perfect for Valentine's Day dinners and special occasions.

Valentine's wine in mini bottles

Wine mini bottle winenot?

Why not surprise your Valentine on Valentine's Day with a stylish and cute mini bottle of wine? You can make the moment of giving a gift more touching and memorable. "Winenot?" selection of mini bottles of wine from renowned French wineries allows you to enjoy a glass of both red and white wine.

Stylish Wrapping Method

Simple yet elegant packaging: With an amazing ribbon or embellishment a simple paper bag or box is enough to provide elegance.

Handmade wrapping: An individual can create a personal touch using handmade wrapping papers and ribbons to develop an unique design.

Decorate the wine bottle: Make the gift even more attractive by decorating the wine bottle itself. For instance, ribbons can be used to decorate the neck of a bottle or charming embellishments can be added.

Thematic wrapping: The theme of Valentine’s Day for the bottle gives a season and mood contribution to that party. For instance, select decorations and wrapping paper in heart shapes of red or pink colors.

Add value-added items: Value-added items can be added to wine bottles so that the bottle becomes an attractive gift. For instance, a fancy wine stopper or more uniquely designed wine glasses may add new dimension to some gift.

These concepts can be utilized to make the impression of the present even better by tucking it in an elegant and unique way.

Fancy labels of products automatically grab attention

A stylish label on a product can easily attract the attention and interest of an end-user when she chooses wine. An ideal wine for Valentine’s Day features hearts and other signs of love in its packaging design, as well over the top elements like fruit or flowers. This swanky labels will not only be a gift that the recipient would love but also an item great to keep. They also have limited edition labels to make the products special.

The “modern minimalism” design is an overseas trend. They are characterized by simplistic, elegant designs, sombre colors and specialty artworks. This type of labelling does not only stand out but also includes features, which would make it an ideal gift. Wines with beautiful labels that women want to share on Instagram and other social networking sites are becoming increasingly popular.

Buy a set product and give a great feeling

We also suggest products that come in a set, which include wine and chocolate or any other sweets. It makes the receiver feel as if he or she was getting something for less and is guaranteed to be well received. Among the bottled products there are several red wines, white wines, and sparkling ones with very different tastes and aromas. Additionally, they are meant to accompany chocolates and other sweets of which the best part is that you can give someone a special time together with wine.

There are also product sets that are meant to be complemented with a meal, and specific descriptions help you decide what kind of food is the best partner for your wine. Wines are also available in diverse costs enabling you to select one depending on your budget.

Wines that will be liked in 2024

Wine trends in 2024

Orange Wine (Skin Maceration): Orange wine has the characteristics of red wines, but it is prepared using the white method. It is fermented using the whole grape, including skins and seeds in a procedure referred to as skin maceration (fermenting on the skins). The popularity of natural and organic wines in recent days has led to an increased demand for orange wine.

Low-alcohol wines: The trend of drinking low-alcohol wines is gaining momentum because people are becoming more health cautious and want to drink lower alcohol content drinks. Low-alcohol wines contain a lesser amount of alcohol content compared to regular wine which makes them drinkable and perfect with meals. However, the demand for such wines is increasing especially among young health-conscious customers and women.

Wines that reflect regional characteristics: In recent times, wines that promote distinctness and spirit of the region where wine is produced have been becoming popular. For instance, wines produced from varieties suitable to the region’s climate and soil that bring out flavors typical of a place are gaining in popularity. More and more consumers are interested in production for local consumption, as well as regional food that reflects the features of a particular area; market demand is growing for wines with geographical indications.

Unusual Wine: While Winenot? is a very new brand that was launched in September 2023, it has gained so much popularity to become one of the top ten red wine gift rankings on Amazon at times like this close to Labor Day and Christmas. As of today, we sell only fabulous French wines but in the future, you can expect to see European varieties also.


We presented red wine for our Valentine’s Day feature article that matches perfectly with chocolate, white wine due to its artistic smell and popular sparkling wines are a perfect choice of beverage in another special evening. Furthermore, we propose how to surprise them by a small bottle. Select the best wine for Valentine’s Day and spend a great moment with your partner.

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